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CoolHead™ Motorcycle Helmet

CoolHead™ Motorcycle Helmet

CoolHead™ Motorcycle Helmet

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Tired of Moisture Build Up and Blurred Vision in Your Helmet?

The CoolHead™ Motorcycle Helmet has a built-in fan that will dehumidify the helmet. It will keep the helmet dry and cool!


  • Breathable: Designed with multiple hollow air ducts to dehumidify the helmet. The built-in fan keeps the inside of the helmet cool during hot days. Prevents moist build up that is very uncomfortable. 
  • Eye Protection: The visor is very clear for safe rides. It has anti-glare to protect your eyes. 
  • Multifunctional: This solar-powered helmet can also play your favorite music via Bluetooth connection. 
  • Durable: A reliable safety helmet Made of high-quality ABS material for 


Gender: Unisex

Material: ABS

NET WT: 1100g

Size: L(50-60cm)

Stay protected and keep a cool head when riding. Order the CoolHead™ Motorcycle Helmet now!

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