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LightHeal™ Therapy Mask

LightHeal™ Therapy Mask

LightHeal™ Therapy Mask

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Experience the Amazing Effects of Light Therapy at Home.

The LightHeal™ Therapy Mask uses LED light to rejuvenate and nourish your skin. Repair damaged skin in no time!


  • Amazing Results: This mask effectively reduces fine lines, sunburn damage, and blemishes. It will soften your skin and tighten pore walls. 
  • Accessible: Can be used when working and traveling. It will not disrupt your daily schedule. 
  • Safe: This therapy mask can be used by all skin types. There are no harmful chemicals and UV rays. 
  • Easy to Use: Just wear the mask daily for 15-30 minutes. See visible results in just 3 weeks. 


Function: Skin Tightening

Material: Plastic

Power Source: Electric

Keep your skin in perfect condition. Try the LightHeal™ Therapy Mask now

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