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SafeBrace™ Neck Protector

SafeBrace™ Neck Protector

SafeBrace™ Neck Protector

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Ride Safe and Protect Your Neck.

The SafeBrace™ Neck Protector is specially designed to brace your neck. It decompresses the neck during motorcycle rides!


  • Neck Protection: Wearing a helmet is good but it will not protect your neck. This neck protector will prevent neck and clavicle injuries.
  • Full Support: The bio-foam liner provides extra impact absorption. It protects against axial compression, hyperflexion, and hyperextension. 
  • Comfortable: The ergonomic design is lightweight and form-fitting. One size fits all and can be used by anybody. 
  • Great Gift Idea: A great gift for people who like riding motorcycles, dirtbikes, and more. 


Gender: Unisex

Material: Polyester and Cotton

NET WT: 350g

Supplement the protection of the helmet and order the SafeBrace™ Neck Protector now!


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