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VisibleTorch™ Flashlight

VisibleTorch™ Flashlight

VisibleTorch™ Flashlight

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Tired of Buying Weak and Unreliable Flashlights? 

The VisibleTorch™ is a military-grade flashlight that is super bright. It is perfect for camping trips and emergency situations.


  • Powerful: This bright flashlight has a built- in advanced LED chip. It provides a field of view of over 1000ft. 
  • Reliable: The rechargeable battery can provide up to 10 hours of non diminishing brightness. Perfect for emergency situations.
  • Heavy Duty: It is made with military-grade alloy that is waterproof and shock resistant. 
  • Wide Use: The pocket friendly flashlight can be brought to camping and beach trips. It can also be used to look for items in the dark. 


Light Source: LED Bulbs

Color: Black

Body Material: Aluminum Alloy

Order now and be amazed by the power and reliability of the VisibleTorch™ Flashlight!

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